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Security Operations

From audits to crisis management

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  • Security Operations

Assistance in high-risk areas

Helping you travel safely

Supporting Employees

Secure and personalised escorts depending on the level of risk

Protection of sites and faciliites

Security Managers for the protection of assets

Close Protection

Personalised assistance when travelling abroad

Remote surveillance/Geo-tracking

Remote monitoring and securing your assets

Crisis management

Helping you assess threats and your own vulnerability. Understanding and anticipating changes to your environment is key to developing and protecting your interests


Support in crisis management

Exisiting set-up supported by the addition of crisis management experts

Crisis management drills

Teams trained in crisis simulation to improve procedures


Security evacuation from dangerous areas in the event of a crisis

Audits & Plans

As you have to deal with differnet problems, our operational support services are geared
to your meet needs, offering you personalised training courses.

Physical safety and security audit

Detailed analysis
of security measures

IT security audit

IT security protection assessment

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Wiretap detection experts

Individual Protection Plans

Advice and drafting of indivual protection plans

Safety Plans (including evacuation)

Advice, organisation and drafting of safety plans

Safety Management System

Advice and drafting of safety management systems


We can help you select, recruit and assign security managers across your international sites.

HR Experts

Selection and recuritment of security managers