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Security for everyone

Solutions tailored to your needs

SSF offers solutions tailored to your sector of activity and the size of your company in order to protect your most important assets whether human, physical or information.

I want to manage my company's security

A personalised process

I want to create and implement a tailor-made security policy that corresponds to our industry, our areas of activity and our culture.

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I want to protect my employees

Round-the-clock monitoring

I want to offer proper protection to managers and VIPs, staff in contact with the public, travellers and expatriates.

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I want to protect my assets

Site security

I want to be able to identify and assess risks, test vulnerablities and set up protection and surveillance systems.

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I want to safeguard my reputation and compliance

Competitive intelligence

I want to be able to protect my information assets and learn about my business environment to ensure that my company is in line with compliance and remains competitive.

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