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Safety Management System

Defining your organisation’s
security measures

Advice and creation of safety management systems

SSF has set up a Safety Management System (SMS) for some of its customers.

The SMS is aimed at ensuring the continuity of management over time and a division of responsibilities between the central level, the regional or national level and the local level. It is used to monitor and control action in the field.

Security management includes all the measures defined and implemented to prevent and combat malicious risks.

Operational objectives

– Comply with legal and other security requirements;
– Identify and contain risks to tangible and intangible assets and to people at or below the level of risk acceptable to the company;
– Identify dangers and minimise risks;
– Train and educate those involved in security;
– Ensure that a safety policy is defined and put into practice;
– Check compliance through inspections and audits;
– Address non-compliance in the management system linked to company activities;
– Take advantage of security opportunities;
– Implement, maintain and continuously improve the safety management system.

SSF supports its clients during the SMS design and implementation phases.