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Individual Protection Plans

For operators of critical national infrastructure (OIV)

Advice and creation of Individual Protection Plans

SSF can meet all of your planning needs: safety plans, security plans, individual plans (site protection, special facilities, evacuation). The main aim of these plans is to ensure the safety of the personnel, property and production of a company or one of its subsidiaries.

The plans address the threats and risks that could affect the smooth running of the company, in particular the safety and security of its staff and equipment, based on a criticality analysis derived from ISO or equivalent standards.

A chart describing the potential risk evolution at different levels linked to a deterioration in the security situation and a list of triggers provides practical procedures for dealing with serious events that could lead to the safe evacuation of all or part of the expatriate staff, their families and temporary personnel, either in the immediate vicinity or by repatriation.

The plans should make it possible to deal with predictable declines and to react more effectively to unforeseeable situations, thanks to the adaptability and flexibility of trained and competent human resources.