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Toulouse: AFTM highlights employer responsibility
21 March 2024

On 4 October, the AFTM Occitanie delegation ran a workshop on traveller safety at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Blagnac. This interactive workshop discussed a number of topical issues, including the recent implementation of the ISO 31030 standard on business travel risk management. A subject that touches on both the essentiality of business travel and employee well-being.

This standard enables audits to be carried out on the resources and processes put in place by companies. It also serves as a guide for implementing best practice in line with corporate culture. A concern that is more topical than ever, and one in which travel plays a fundamental role…

The Scutum and Thales groups gave an excellent presentation.

During the Workshop, participants were able to discuss bleisure in particular. This is another subject that has come back with a vengeance since the advent of Covid. As a result of travel restrictions, business travel has suffered profoundly from the health crisis, giving way to new expectations on the part of employees who are increasingly looking for a sense of purpose.

The principle behind bleisure? To enable business travellers to extend their stay easily, in order to visit and enjoy the culture of the country.

The main risk posed by bleisure concerns travellers’ safety and the employer’s liability. According to case law, if this practice is accepted by the company, the latter seems to have to assume responsibility for it, provided that the employee complies with the legislation. The challenge for travel managers is therefore to provide a framework for these hybrid trips and to clarify everyone’s responsibilities. Companies therefore need to communicate effectively on the subject, formalise exchanges and improve the traceability of business travellers.

Discussions continued over cocktails to extend the day’s rich learning experience. It was also an opportunity for the speakers to go into more detail on the day’s topics.

For some, the workshop was an opportunity to talk about the actions already in place in their company, while for others it was a chance to see how far they still have to go…

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