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Security analysis prior to departure

Anticipating risk

SSF assist its customers in preparing their business trips by providing a customised security analysis aimed at highlighting the local security environment (country, region,
city), but also in order to consider the profile of the traveller, the nature of the trip (city only, or a meeting within the perimeter of the airport, or in contrast, a visit to an isolated rural area), as well as potential events that could have an impact on the assignment.

In support of this analysis, a combination of statistics and mapping enables us to accurately identify the most dangerous areas or neighbourhoods, as well as the types of security incidents that could potentially affect an area or a specific road. SSF also calls on its network of partners to compare such data with experience in the field.

Therefore SSF is able to assess each aspect of the trip and then make individual recommendations: dates, transfer arrangements (e.g. preferred airport if there are several nearby), road travel, areas to avoid, accommodation, etc. The health situation is also assessed (availability or lack of emergency services, standard of health facilities, presence of vector-borne diseases, etc.), together with recommendations.



  • Identify risks
  • Propose mitigation measures
  • Help in decision-making