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Monitoring Reports

Long-term Support

Whether monthly, weekly or even daily during crisis situations, monitoring reports provided by SSF focus on information research and analytical compilations in order to assist you in your long-term projects, detect weaknesses and help you in decision-making.

Our reports can be adapted to suit your requirements in order to cover both safety-security issues and your business environment by closely following the latest political, socio-economic or even sectorial situations in a chosen country or region.

On a safety-security level, each incident is given a precise geolocation, including the possibility of stepping up surveillance around your sites and facilities in order to pinpoint any events occurring within a predefined perimeter around your chosen locations, even in real-time.

These individual bulletins, which also highlight any advice and points to watch out for, are subsequently complemented every month with our global report on high-risk countries, the Point Mensuel des Pays à Risques (PMPR), which takes a closer look at the alerts published over the last month through the use of statistics, names countries that should be monitored and offers a detailed calendar of worldwide events forecast in the coming month.

Key features


  • Customised news bulletins
  • The latest monitoring and mapping tools
  • Combined monitoring and analysis approach