+33 (0)1 55 57 16 10


A 24-hour phone number

Available to take manage all security incidents

The SSF Hotline is available round-the-clock by calling unique phone number.

It is especially aimed at international travellers and expatriates to enable them to anticipate any potential difficulties or find a solution to an current problem. When you call the number, you will have the choice of around fifteen different languages and you will be put in contact with an operator who can process minor security incidents, such as general or specific information requests (theft of money, valuables or objects, accidents with material damage rather than bodily harm, loss of documents…).

When it is a security problem, the hotline operator transfers the incident to the SSF Operations Department on-call team, which provides initial advice corresponding to the potential or current situation. French and English are the two languages available at this level.

In the event of an emergency (physical assault or a major damage to your business) and depending on the terms of the contract, either the customer immediately receives a report so that action can be taken, or SSF is permitted to make a decision that could potentially have a financial impact if the deployment of human resources and equipment is required.