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Education prior to departure

Traveller training courses & E-learning

Regardless of your destination, SSF can help you prepare your for your international business trip.

Regardless of your destination, SSF can help you prepare for your international business trip. Combining basic knowledge with practical feedback, at SSF we provide training and education courses aimed at understanding the broader security environment (crime, health, travel, intellectually
property etc.) in order to give you’re the keys to anticipate and cope in dangerous situations (at the airport, hotel, checkpoint, relations with the local authorities etc.). The content is tailored to each destination, but also to each individual traveller and the objective of the assignment.

We run 5 different formats of education and training :

. E-learning : modules adapted to the level of risk at your destination (including a link to a specific webpage) to learn about the basics of business travel and how to deal with exceptional circumstances (assault, attack, kidnapping, etc.)

. Training prior to departure : a training session, either individually or in a group, in order to give
you an in-depth understanding of a destination and the associated risks. The session is run jointly by a country analyst and an expert in international security, providing you with advice on behaviour and safety recommendations.

. Training for Frequent Travellers :  an individual or group training session for business travellers who make regular trips abroad to different countries. The sessions are aimed at understanding the main international risks according to various subjects (crime, terrorism, political and social situation) and geographic area, or groups of countries of interest to the customer.

. Training for expatriates : a specific training programme to prepare for expatriation either alone or as a family, providing an in-depth understanding of the country’s environment, local lifestyle and advice on behaviour.

. Formation expatriés : une formation spécifique pour préparer au mieux une expatriation, seul ou en famille, avec une connaissance approfondie de l’environnement pays, de la vie locale et des conseils comportementaux à mettre en œuvre.

4 main operational objectives

Cultural Aspects

Understanding cultural and ethical aspects conducive to appropriate behaviour

The Right Knowledge

Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills, in order to react in the event of an incident

Protection of Information

Protecting information to cope with the risks of social engineering and spying

Obligations and Duties

Reminding employers and employees of their obligations and duties during assignments