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Safety & security monitoring

Round-the-clock and in real-time, available in both French and English across 203 countries and territories.

  •  Open-source intelligence (OSINT) and field data
  •  Geolocation provided for each event

The alert messaging system developed by SSF will keep you informed in real-time of any events that could affect the safety and security of both your employees and your sites or projects throughout the whole world.
On average, our team of analysts send out around thirty specialised alerts, including operational advice, on a daily basis, covering three major risk areas for businesses: security, health and the environment.

  •  Full Coverage

Terrorism : bombing, hostage situation, kidnapping, sabotage etc.

Geopolitical issues : border incidents, armed insurgency, conflicts etc.

Delinquency and crime : theft or violent robbery, mugging, homicide, clashes between armed groups, kidnapping for ransom etc.

Health crises : emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (Ebola, Covid-19, Zika, SARS etc.)

Natural and industrial disasters: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms and cyclones, fire, flooding, dam breaches, industrial site explosions etc.

Socio-political unrest : anti-government rallies, opposition demonstrations, rioting, sectarian violence, coup, election violence etc.

  •  Easy Access

Operational alerts : brief alerts, all available in both French and English.

Multi-channel distribution : alerts available via your SSF account, mobile app and email.

Settings : alerts can be set to a specific region or country and you can also choose your language.