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PMPR December
3 January 2024

Sierra Leone
Suspected attempted coup in an attack on a military barracks in Freetown 26 November (21 dead and 57 people arrested).
Israel/Hamas conflict: 7-day truce between 24 and 30 November, allowing the release of 110 Israeli hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners, before the hostilities resumed with an extension of the Israeli military operation into the south of the Gaza Strip – Ongoing conflict and the consequences of its regional impact.
Demonstrations resulting in loss of life and growing socio-political tension in the run up to the 7 January 2024 general elections.
of the offensive launched in Shan State 27 October by
rebel ethnic groups. Clashes spread into large parts of the north and east of the country, notably in the states of Kachin, Karen, Chin, Rakhine and

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